I credit this blog’s beginning to my son, Benjamin’s, encouragement and badgering. He’s a techie-type and is convinced that blogs are the way to go. He’s even telling me to abandon my static web site.

It’s interesting.  I find myself resisting. I updated my site (http://www.GreggEBrickman.com ) over the winter school holiday, and I like it. I could say that change is hard.  Here’s the thing, I’m well over fifty years old. Having a web site at all is a change, and thanks, in part, to his efforts, I made it and manage it in Dreamweaver. Not the world’s easiest program, if I do say so myself.

What will I do with this site? Talk about mystery writing, mystery reading, and mystery writers. (I’m trying hard to get a novel published by a traditional press.) Talk about nursing and teaching nursing. (I have a passion for nursing and for teaching.) Talk about life and all that goes with it, good things and perhaps some not so good things.

Let me know what you think. Tell me if I bore you. Tell me if you want more of something you like.

Thanks for checking this out.