It strikes me that powerful male politicians are like Rex, my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. He doesn’t get consequences either. I’m referring to the latest sex scandal, the latest red-faced confession, and the latest ruined reputation. Didn’t John Edwards know that eventually his indiscretions would become national news?

Indiscretion? Perhaps it’s a term better used for adding a little extra hot fudge to a forbidden sundae. I find it hard to believe that, once again, an adult male doesn’t have the willpower to control his more basic urges. Why would I want to entrust the state of our nation to a man, any man, who thinks with the wrong part of his anatomy?

My father-in-law, who is still young at 92, professes that it’s understandable that a man would take what is offered to him. “Who can blame him? It’s nature,” the old gent says. Okay, so he also thinks that women belong in the kitchen, can’t drive as well as men, and can’t make solid financial decisions either.

What concerns me is that I’ve spoken to many younger gentlemen who have many of the same notions. They’ve ridiculed my female opinion, charging that a man’s marital faithlessness has nothing to do with his political acumen. I disagree. I think it speaks to the lack of ability to keep promises, to perceive consequences, and to control behavior. Lying only amplifies the obvious.

I applaud the Democrats for keeping him off the convention speakers’ roster. I hope they follow-through.


More later. 8-10-08 GB