Being from NorDakota—that how I said it when I lived there—I can honestly say that I was born Republican. I remained a registered republican—with a small r—though I voted for whom I pleased until a couple of years ago. George Bush and his ilk drove me to become a registered independent. Now, I’m coming to realize that I’m a democratic—with a small d—sympathizer.

What is it about Obama that attracts me? I like his push for change, his opposition to the war in Iraq, his desire to make things better for the un-rich, his support for funding education, and his notion that some social programs are worth saving. I also like the fact he is young, energetic, well-educated, and charismatic.

What don’t I like about McCain? I dislike his adherence to the Republican party line and his support of George Bush’s policies.

I overheard a couple of old gents discussing the candidates. One of them, a lifelong Democrat, is leaning toward voting for McCain merely because of race. The other old man agreed.

I say vote for McCain if you must, but do it out of agreement on the issues not based on bigotry. Though I understand that lifelong values are tough to change, I find the old men’s unwillingness to consider qualification and issues deplorable.

It gives me another reason to vote democrat in this election.


More later.  GEB 9-20-08