Burn Out

By Marcia Muller

Burn Out is the latest addition to Muller’s very successful Sharon McCone Mystery series. McCone is burned out by running her agency, the demands on her time, and the frequent attempts on her life. Muller does a good job of portraying McCone’s depression, pulling the reader into her despair.

Throughout the first twenty-five books, McCone encounters high pressure, sometimes deadly situations. The twenty-sixth book is no exception. This time McCone is a less than willing investigator, agreeing to become involved only because Ramon, the caretaker on her and her husband’s ranch, has a personal interest in the case.

McCone retreats to the ranch to examine her professional goals and to decide what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Her introspection is unfocused, and after many days, she is making no progress. When Ramon’s niece is murdered, McCone agrees to ask a few questions. The police ask for her assistance as well, believing her Indian heritage will help her get more truthful answers.

Through her involvement with helping Ramon’s family, McCone learns a few things—things about her Shoshone heritage, her agency employees, and herself. Muller brings the reader along to experience each disappointing setback, each brush with danger, and ultimately professional and personal success.

While this novel is a must read for Muller devotees, it is an enjoyable experience for new fans as well. Without burdening the story, the author provides enough information to give the new reader a sense of time and history and a reason to go back and read the earlier works.

Publication Date: October 27, 2008

ISBN-10: 0-446-58107-0 & ISBN-13:978-0-446-58107-3