Bahama Burnout

By: Don Bruns

In Bahama Burnout, Don Bruns ignites yet another tropical adventure, this time revealing a snapshot of Nassau life through Mick Sever’s somewhat weary eyes.

Sever made his career writing about the music industry and getting to know the musicians, their hangers-on, and the creative geniuses behind the glitz and fame. Sever sacrificed his marriage to the edgy, drug-fueled lifestyle. Now, a lonelier man with considerable regret about his past choices, he pursues another feature story, this one about the legendary Highland Studios.

Fire consumed the studio building. Jonah Britt and his wife Rita rebuilt it on the studio on the same site. Their first recording is with the group Johnny Run. With soundman Britt’s masterful engineering, the music is flowing and the tracks are good. Everyone has their eyes on the target, another hit album, one big enough to make up for the last album, which was a dismal failure.

Sever quickly discovers that things are going wrong. Rita believes the studio is haunted. A smashed guitar and an erased recording session ratchet up the tension. Britt says that security is tight, and he can’t explain how someone or something keeps entering the studio. He doesn’t want Sever to write about the incidents. He insists the focus of Sever’s article be positive. But Sever is a reporter, and he is determined to pursue the story.

The discovery of a dead body fuels the unstable situation, and Sever finds himself explaining his actions and whereabouts to the police. The unfolding events pull Sever in and put his life in danger.

Bruns opens each Mike Sever book with a recipe for a tropical drink. Bahama Burnout, a mixture of fruit juice, liqueurs, and flaming rum will make a worthy accompaniment to a hot read. Enjoy.

ISBN 978-1-933515-20-5
Oceanview Publishing
March 1, 2009