Legacy: A Cotten Stone Mystery

By Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore

Reviewed by Gregg E. Brickman

Weaving international intrigue, modern science, and religious history with mystery, suspense, and chaste romance, Sholes and Moore raise the bar in the fourth installment of their series.

A grotesquely ill, dying man finds Cotten and says, “Black Needles,” with his last breath. She is curious and investigates, as reporters are wont to do. When the man’s body disappears from the hospital and can’t be located, she knows that she’s onto something more serious than a delirious druggie who remembered her name. But her investigation fizzles when her biggest lead comes up empty, then a crisis of church and state grabs her attention.

Cotten travels to remote and hostile locations as she struggles to save the man she loves, herself, and the free world. As expected from this series, Nephilim provide the prerequisite evildoers to torment Cotten and her priest friend, Cardinal John Tyler. While the devil manipulates the lesser villains to do his bidding, Cotten bravely puts herself into harms way to save the man she loves but believes she will never have.

Legacy is concise and well-constructed. The dialogue is realistic and compelling. The plot is tightly woven, moving through worldwide changes of locale and colorful, well-drawn characters with ease and skill as tension builds to a surprising finish. It is a fast-paced, enjoyable read.

Trade Paperback by Midnight Ink.

ISBN: 978-0-7387-1317-5.