Rumor has it that the police are investigating our neighbor Bill’s death as a homicide. The source of the information is a Coral Springs police officer who is a friend of a friend. The thought of his death at the hands of others is more in keeping with my opinion of Bill than the notion that he took his own life. We, meaning the collective neighborhood, are having difficulty reconciling suicide with our image of Bill.


Today’s program at the Mystery Writers of Florida luncheon was a presentation by two members of the Broward Sherriff Department’s Bomb Squad. Interesting stuff. The Bomb Dogs are trained by the supplying company to alert on 13 different substances. Local trainers add three or four additional substances to the collection. All the Bomb Squads are supervised by the FBI, who also provides the funding.


Detective Connors from the Bomb Squad said that the ball-shaped robot used to explore Bill’s house the night of the incident was also used to break the window. The SRT members just toss it through the glass. There is another small robot that is more like a remote control car that is used the same way.


Meanwhile, workers replaced the front window of Bill’s house. It’s a welcome repair since the boarded windows brought the incident to mind every time I turned into our cul-de-sac. Bill’s estranged wife–widow–will be moving back into the house. She is making neighborly overtures.

It will be interesting to watch this play out.