I’ve heard it said that a mother is never happier than her saddest child.  I believe it to be true.  I find that it covers his adulthood, too.


Which brings me to the topic of The Funks of our Families.

My friend Cindy wrote that her father, who is newly diagnosed with a chronic disease, is in a funk.  His mood is dragging her down.  Empathy can do that.  But unrealistic demands made by others or made by one’s self can do that as well.

My husband has a raging case of viral conjunctivitis.  Like the common cold, it is treatable only with time and patience, something he is running short of.  I understand his duress.  I also understand how Cindy feels.


Today is the last day of the winter term at Broward College.  I’m glad it’s over.  The students seem more desperate, perhaps more intent on success at all costs, if that’s possible.  I’m not enjoying the adversarial climate.


I downloaded EatWillGrow for my iPhone.  It’s a game authored by my son, Benjamin’s, friend and only costs $0.99.  The little round character runs along a path of green dots of various sizes, gobbling as he goes.  I have the lowest score of all the registered users, so I haven’t gotten a look at what’s to come.  The scores are posted to Twitter so everyone gets to share.  I bet the young gamers wonder who the goof is at the end of the line.  It’s my first iPhone game.  I’ve since downloaded the free version of PAC-MAN and am considering getting the full version.  At least I can do better at that.  LOL.