Rex, our Cavalier who lives in his own world, is now known as Bo Bo Foot.  He licked at his left paw.  We inspected and thought he had a tick, which would have been odd given we treat with FrontLine on a regular basis.  The thing wouldn’t tug off, and it hurt him when I tried.  Turns out it is some manner of tumor.  We’re now waiting for the pathology report.

The young vet sent us home with directions to put him in an E-collar.  That’s not electronic.  It’s an Elizabethan collar made of hard plastic, cone shaped, and secured with gauze around the neck.

When the dogs were neutered, they had similar collars.  Their response was to remove them from each other and use them to play tug.

As directed, we separated the dogs into two crates and went to bed.  The crying and whining commenced.  The collar lasted about 10 minutes.  I took it off, put them both in the same crate, and the dressing is still intact.  Good night.  Good dogs.


My son is going on vacation for a week in early June.  Roxy, his Boston Terrier pup, will be our guest for the week.  It will be interesting.  Rex is jealous and wants to eat her.  Max just doesn’t want to be bothered.  She’s cute, very active, and totally innocent in the ways of the dog world.  And, she loves her human grandma.


My 60th birthday is coming up next week.  It’s on my mind.  Not that I don’t want to have it.  I do.  Consider the alternative.