In Die for You, Lisa Unger presents a person, a life, and a marriage disrupted by a lie so basic yet so powerful it scrapes at the core of human interactions.

Isabel Raines is an author, an observer of the world, and an architect of the destiny of the characters she creates. Perhaps abhorring a void, she fills in the missing parts of what she sees and the people she meets with her imagination. When Marcus Raines introduces himself at a book signing and invites her out, she believes him to be the brilliant computer game programmer and successful businessman he portrays. He’s an orphan with no living family and a vague, sketchy past. She understands, embraces, and trusts,and explains away the inconsistencies.

Then Marcus disappears. Isabel goes into investigative mode, stumbles into an FBI raid, and awakens in the hospital, having suffered a brutal blow to the head. The carnage continues as she searches through the remains of her ransacked apartment, discovers her bank accounts empty, and learns her husband falsified his identity.

People are dead, and the police look to Isabel for answers she doesn’t have, but she’s afraid to cooperate. She fears that her husband, whoever he really is, is dead. Then she fears for her own life. Without regard to the cost, she is intent on finding the truth.

Lisa Unger takes the reader on a can’t-put-it-down ride from Manhattan to Prague, exploring creative minds, both artistic and criminal, throughout the journey.