First and foremost, I turned sixty without a whole lot of fanfare.  Funny, my associate dean is a few months older I am, and we always make a big deal of it.  I call her old, and she says I’ll catch up soon.  So, she’s been waiting for me to be the same age as her again.  I spent my birthday administering standardized exams with her, and she never knew that was the big day.  I still haven’t told her.


Veterinary pathologists at the University of Tennessee diagnosed Rex’s mass as melanoma, and Dr. Sullivan from the Coral Springs Animal Hospital amputated his front, left little toe.  The preliminary pathology report indicates the surgery was curative with no further treatment required.  Meanwhile, as can be seen in the picture, Rexy is doing fine and managing well with his bandage.


The week with Benjamin’s little Roxy as a houseguest is over. Roxy survived her association with my older, less than patient dogs.  Despite almost daily growling-snapping altercations, she won them over.  I suspect she’ll miss them, their toys, and their yard.


Mudbound by Hillary Jordan (winner of the 2006 Bellwether Prize) is an excellent read.  It’s a Mississippi Delta, post-WWII story of two families, one black, one white, trying to survive.  The writing style is interesting as well.  Shifting first-person point of view puts the reader inside the head and heart of the various characters.  Jordan manages the technique with skill, and I found the effect spell binding.