One of my biggest reading delights is the Plum series written by Janet Evanovich.  When it was recommended to me a few years back, I quickly got hooked and read the first nine books within as many days.  Quick reads.  Very funny.

The main character, Stephanie Plum, is a fugitive apprehension agent (aka bounty hunter) for her cousin Vinny’s bonding agency.  While she is intuitive, sometimes clever, and often brave beyond reason, she puts herself in positions where unusual, strange, and sometimes dangerous things happen to her.  Many of the circumstances are laughing-out-loud funny.

Evanovich started out as a romance writer.  I’ve read some of her earlier books, too.  With the romantic theme, there is always a good dose of humor.  The Plum series is a cut above the straight romance novels, but there is romance as well, much of it as humorous as Plum’s bounty hunting expeditions.

The problem is Evanovich doesn’t publish new books as often as I would like.  To that end, I’m rereading the series, entertaining myself once again with the early antics of Stephanie Plum and her friends, enemies, relatives, and lovers.  The plots are not especially memorable.  The humor is priceless.