As it turns out, Apple’s marketing plan is working.  The iWant condition is contagious.  I suppose I knew that at a base level.  I caught it from my son, Benjamin.  My husband, Steve, who is electronically challenged but learning, used my old iPhone for exactly one week before moving up to an iPhone 4.  He’s doing well with it since he reads the news several days a week on my iPad and therefore has had practice, but he has yet to actually add his first application from iTunes.


When we decided to shop for a new TV, our sources proclaimed Samsung to be the leader in HD televisions.  Cool.  It’s a nice set.

Then AT&T installed U-verse.  It is a big savings over the individual services we had, and the only thing messed up is the fax line … and the sound.  We called for service.

The special and expensive HDI cable that eliminated the necessity for the three color coded cables of the past doesn’t work with the AT&T U-verse box.  Now we have five color coded cables and need to disconnect the U-verse box to connect the Wii.  Progress . . .  Go figure.

The service technician told me it was an ongoing issue with the box, which is made by Cisco.  It would have been nice to be warned about possible incompatibility issues when we ordered the U-verse service.

The Internet connection and telephone service seems to be flawless so far.


I’m a mystery reader and aspiring writer.  I read a lot.  Many of the books by their very nature are complex and sometimes heavy in a depressing way.

Then I need a break.

I love Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series.  In fact, I’ve read and laughed through most of the books more than once.  I find the plots predictable and not very memorable, the characters outrageous, and the situations absurd.  The end result is a light, entertaining, and funny read, which appeals to my warped sense of humor and clears the sad residue left by standard mystery, crime, suspense, and thriller stories.

In Wicked Appetite, Evanovich moves Diesel, a macho character with unmentionable powers to an entirely new setting and cast.  Elizabeth Tucker, the female protagonist, is a cupcake chef in Salem, MA.  Diesel needs Lizzy to help find the Seven Stones of Power, one for each of the seven deadly sins.

Wicked Appetite is the first novel in the Unmentionable Series.  It appeals to me for all of the reasons the Plum Series does.  I closed the book with a smile.