Steve works with an older Italian man named Mike.  Mike and his wife, Raphaela, were born in Italy and immigrated to Montreal in their teens.  Both are fluent in Italian and French.  Mike’s English is serviceable but Raphaela’s consists only of basic greetings.  However, she knows more English than I know Italian.

Raphaela makes the world’s most delicious cookies.  Some, such as the pizzelles–which are large, snowflake-looking wafers–are easily identifiable.  Others I can’t identify, and I can’t ask.  One is a drop cookie containing dates and nuts.  It isn’t very sweet and borders on savory.

I complimented the cookies and thanked Raphaela profusely.  Then I was advised by wife-to-husband-to-husband-to-wife message that Raphaela and her sister were making the recipe and writing it down for me so that I could make them myself.

This is the result.