America is truly a melting pot, and I suspect south Florida is one of the burners heating the mix.

I overheard my husband talking to a friend about a job he subbed out.   They originally planned to meet at the site on Sunday.   Steve said, “Let’s do the job on Monday instead.  Sunday is a day of rest so we shouldn’t work.”

What’s so special about that?  Steve is Jewish and his friend is Muslin.  Neither celebrate a Sunday Sabbath.


We got on the elevator at the local retirement living facility where a couple close relatives reside.  The gentleman entering the elevator first was accompanied by Lucy W, his mixed-breed, blind, elderly dog.

An old (read that OLD) Chinese man shuffled in after us.  He looked at the dog and said, “Good to eat.”

No one said a word.

Then he said, “We eat young dogs and old cats.”

A lady muttered from the rear, “Another reason to become a vegetarian.”


During the summer, a Jewish New Yorker friend’s sister married a Christian southern man.  (Now that is a cultural mix all around.)  The groom raised his glass to the New Yorkers and said, “Shalom, y’all.”  Then he toasted his southern guests with, “Y’all, Shalom.”


I’ve been getting emails about keeping Christ is Christmas.  The contention is that saying Happy Holidays is not appropriate.

While I respect the sentiment, I don’t agree.  A generic holiday greeting covers all the possibilities and even transcends to those preferring to acknowledge the New Year only.  We’re all in this together.  It’s best we try to get along.


Speaking of a mix of cultures.  No one translated the Little Italian Lady Cookie Recipe for me.  I took a picture of the ones she made. Check them out.

Little Italian Lady Cookies


Happy Holidays.