A FEMALE reader suggested I blog about duct tape, mentioning during the rather strange conversation that there was even duct tape with ducks on it.

I suppose that seems reasonable.  Duct tape was originally duck tape.  It appeared in WWII and was used to secure packages on amphibious crafts called DUKWs or Duck Boats.  (Yahoo! Answers)

The duct tape in our garage is silver, to match the ducts it was originally designed to assemble or repair, I presume.  But, DuckBrand has colored duct tape and even some with designs, such as your favorite college logo.  I’ll be climbing up into our attic in a few minutes to see what pattern is required to patch our a/c ducts.

I found a video when I Googled duct tape.  It’s at DuckTapeGuys.com and is worth a look and a laugh.  It links to The Original Duct Tape Pro Shop.  Who knew?  It’s a regular Guy Thing cult.  I did notice there is a section on crafts.  Do you suppose the marketing wizards who made the site are plugging female participation, like putting the tiny female sports announcer on screen with Shaquille O’Neil?

Duct tape is useful for taping ducts, but I’ve learned it is the only material required for a duct tape wallet, baseball cap, and an assortment of other items.  There are even duct tape tee shirts.

In mysteries, duct tape often appears as a restraint and a gag, and the author makes a point of describing the painful removal.  I have to admit to having the urge to duct tape a mouth on a rare occasion, usually prompted by a student venting expletives best deleted.

My friend’s late husband was a fan of duct tape, claiming only partly in jest that it could be used to fix anything.  I know that’s not true, but he did try to the point his family gave him duct tape cards for holidays and birthdays.

While working with David, my personal trainer, I concentrated on punching the pads on his hands in his prescribed manner.  Coordination is not my strength.  David instructed me to add a kick.  I immediately worried about other accidental targets in the general area of my kicks and said as much.  I continued the drill, but my mind wandered to this blog.  “Do you have duct tape?”

“Why?”  He looked like the question came at him from another planet.  “Do you think I need to tape my jewels out of the way?”

“Ah, no.”  I kicked in the general direction of the pad he now held in a protective manner.

“It might be a good thing though for a guy who wanted to wear a dress.”  He cringed while skillfully deflecting my punches and kicks.  “Removal might be a problem.”

That, of course, proposes two more uses . . . body sculpting accessory and hair remover!

I didn’t find the duct tape with little ducks on it during my brief foray onto the Internet to research this post.  I did, however, find a Duck Tape Fan Club equipped with a blog and Twitter.  Go figure.  I has got to be a guy thing.