I make no claims about being an expert or especially well- informed political analyst, but as a voter I have a right to my opinion.  As an  American citizen,  I have the right to express it.

I’ll confess.  I was born a Republican, but George Bush cured me of that affliction.  Now, I’m registered Independent.  My dad, who actually worked for the North Dakota Republican Party for one election year, voted according to his opinions and conscience.  He was registered Republican but was strongly Independent long before it was fashionable.

It seems to me that whether we’re Republicans or Democrats or Independents or Nothings, our elected officials are not serving us well.  Voting the bastards out and replacing them with fresh blood resulted in uncompromising, opinionated politicians with little or no experience.

The objectives of every elective official appear to be:

1.    Impose my agenda and my way of thinking and get reelected

2.    Support the most extreme position on my party’s platform and get reelected

3.    Do my best to discredit the other guy and get reelected

4.    Impose my moral choices on everyone else and get reelected

I propose, somewhat in jest, that we need a third political party—The Sensible-Moderate Party.  The symbol could be a wise elder.  The party’s platform compromise and moderation.  And, if they don’t do it right, we can rename them the S&M Party and vote them out, too.