I decided to take control of my book publishing adventure.

Pendulum Press, Inc originally published Illegally Dead as an eBook in 2004.  The website closed shortly thereafter.  (It wasn’t my fault.  I swear.)  I believe that Marilyn Henderson was ahead of her time.  I quickly learned that an eBook didn’t count and not to talk about it among my many published author friends.  Perhaps it was even reason to be ashamed.

All of that is beginning to change.  Authors with significant track records are choosing to distribute their out-of-print books as eBooks for Kindle or other similar formats.  They’ve even gone so far as to republish the books as paperbacks through online vendors.  Dare I say that some have bypassed the struggle and self-published never-before-published novels.

I like it.  Times are changing.

The traditional channels aren’t friendly to newcomers.  Yes, it’s true that some can land contracts with big New York publishers.  Many, however, don’t succeed and have tired of banging manuscripts and heads against the wall.

I republished Illegally Dead as a Kindle Book a couple of years ago.  Today, Illegally Dead appeared on Amazon.com as a paperback.  It is also available through CreateSpace.com to those not wanting to deal with Amazon.  You can link directly to either option through my website.  Please admire the beautiful, newly designed cover created by author and artist Victoria Landis.

It’s interesting.  I took the proof to work and shamelessly showed it off.  My co-workers seemed impressed and not the least bit put off by the publisher—Me.

I have two more novels in the pipeline, which I’ll publish in the same formats, Imperfect Contract and Imperfect Murder.

Please support your local struggling mystery writer.