Review by Gregg E. Brickman


In Thorns on Roses, Randy Rawls takes the private investigator novel deep into thriller territory.  The protagonist, Tom Jeffries, ex-Dallas cop and ex-Special Forces, brings extra bite to the traditional PI persona with his need for justice and his deadly talents.

When the daughter of his best friend dies during a gang rape, Jeffries vows to avenge the teenager.  Using the girl’s rose tattoo as his starting point, Jeffries tracks down the gang members.  Then using the skills he honed in the Special Forces, he extracts vengeance.  But Jeffries miscalculates and exposes himself to danger—not once but twice.

The first danger concerns a woman.  Jeffries works for a local attorney who fears Jeffries’ involvement in the case will give the firm a bad name.  The attorney assigns Abby, a beautiful associate, to help Jeffries.  Of course, Jeffries rejects Abby’s offer to help, but he can’t reject Abby.  He plunges into a relationship that his cop and Special Forces experience hasn’t prepared him for.

While both the gang members and the police focus their sights on him, Jeffries forges ahead.  He’ll need his sharp skills and a little help if he is to survive and keep his freedom.

Rawls takes the reader on a wild ride to a satisfying and surprising conclusion.  I strongly recommend this can’t-put-it-down novel.

ISBN 978-1-60318-375-8

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