Transglutaminase, aka Meat Glue, appears to be the latest fraud inflicted on consumers by the American meat industry.  It is actually an enzyme that bonds protein.

TG, as the product is known, is used to glue together smaller pieces of meat into a solid, attractive cut.  The exposé I watched illustrated the construction of filet mignon from trimmed pieces of chuck.

A safety warning on the website reminds the reader to not eat undercooked ground beef because bacteria from the outside of the beef can be carried into the product by grinding.  Rare or raw preparation wouldn’t kill those organisms.  The same thing happens when pieces of meat are glued together.  The site suggested safe ways to handle the fabricated cuts…my words not theirs.  Also TG may not be well-tolerated by everyone.

The beef industry, of course, says the product is completely safe and natural.  So once again, we consume unknown, unlabeled products.  I’ve never read a label stating,

ATTENTION:  This beef has been glued together
from smaller pieces.  Do not eat rare as bacteria
may be present within the fabricated cut.

My Googlin—dont’ you love that word—also revealed TG can be used to secure pieces of a steak so that it doesn’t fall apart during cooking and become unattractive.  Charming.   I’d rather read a menu notation saying,

ATTENTION:  Steaks are 100% natural with no
additives.  Because of this, the cuts may
separate during cooking.  This is to be expected.
Enjoy in good health.

What bothers me the most is that the product is sold to us without our consent or knowledge.  That strikes me as unethical and deceptive.  We are not given the opportunity to make a decision about consuming the product, in fact, no one mentions it until it’s discovered and spashed into the media.

Least you feel secure by not eating beef.  TG is a protein glue.  It is used on everything from beef to chicken to fish.  Let the consumer beware.

I wonder if THEY are fabricating my carrots as well.