Review by Gregg E. Brickman

Silenced by the Yams is the third and most recent mystery in Cantwell’s humorous Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series.

Barbara Marr is a suburban housewife with three daughters, an FBI agent husband, a movie review website that attracts some attention, and a notably intrusive mother-in-law.  Barbara’s ex-Mafia goon friend, Frankie Romano, is accused of murdering a famous movie director.  She believes he is innocent, and with the help of her private investigator friend Colt, sets out to prove it.  As usual, the path for Barbara is full of twists, turns, and near misses.

Cantwell’s protagonist is a credible and likable heroine who is surrounded by an interesting and supportive cast of characters.  The humor evolves from the situations as well as the interactions between the players, which seem to occur naturally in the course of events and are, at times, a bit bizarre and unpredictable.  The plot glues it all together.

Silenced by the Yams is the first novel by Cantwell that I’ve read, but it won’t be the last.  It was a light-hearted and entertaining read.