Crossed: A Jayden Morrow Mystery by C.J. Graves was a pleasant surprise.  I downloaded the book for free onto my Kindle application.

Jayden Morrow, a private investigator and karate devotee, is a former MP who served in Iraq.  She carries some baggage from the war and from her life before the military.  When her sister talks her into taking on a murder investigation–a young man at the sister’s church is accused to murdering his girlfriend–she balks but then agrees.  The result is that she ends up tangling with a powerful leader of a mega church and his minions.  The resolution was a surprise, and I found the ending satisfying.

I didn’t know that Jayden was female for several electronic pages.  Keep in mind that this comment comes from Gregg–the girl.  I’m perhaps overly sensitive to that sort of thing, but my initial image of the protagonist was of a male.  When I discovered Jayden was female, it stopped me.  I was motivated to go back a few pages to see what I missed rather than reading on.

Based on the blurb, I expected a readable story.  I was pleased to find not only a good story, but decent storytelling as well.  This indie book was also well-edited and properly formatted.  I recommend it as an enjoyable read.