Randy Rawls’ mystery, Hot Rocks, features Elizabeth (Beth) Bowman as a tough, sassy, intelligent, occasionally feminine PI who’s building a career in South Florida. 

Beth contracts to investigate yet another wandering husband, but this time the case becomes a bad headache.  She follows the man to a hotel room, enters the room because she hears someone being threatened, and ends up knocked unconscious.  The man, who is really not anybody’s husband, is dead, the gun used in the murder belongs to Beth, and the police cast a suspicious eye in her direction.  The only good that comes of the whole mess is that she meets the hunky Dr. Rasmussen when he tends to her wounds. 

While fighting to save her reputation and career, Beth tangles with thugs, is befriended by street people, falls for the good doctor, and follows a trail leading to hot rocks and life-threatening danger. 

Hot Rocks is an entertaining, fast-paced read filled with surprises, drama, a bit of romance (sorry Randy), and a good measure of humor.