Hooked by Polly Iyer features Lincoln Walsh, special investigator with the NYPD, and Tawny Dell, glamorous, exclusive, and retired call girl.  They battle a common foe, each other, and their mutual attraction.

The discovery of a murdered prostitute’s body leads police to a high-class brothel, but they can’t make a solid connection between the crime and the brothel, in fact police can’t even prove the young woman worked there.  Walsh tracks Tawny down at her vacation paradise, threatens her with charges of tax evasion, and coerces her into spying.  To stay out of jail, she must return to the life she recently abandoned and work for a man she despises.  Meanwhile, another prostitute disappears and is presumed dead, and a local mob boss makes an unexpected appearance. Tawny’s straightforward snooping mission turns dangerous and deadly.

Iyer’s novel, which I downloaded as a free Kindle mystery, is a bit mystery, a bit erotica, and a bit romance.  While I don’t believe it’s a particularly well-constructed novel in all respects, it is a thoroughly entertaining story.  I recommend it.